Profile Your Data

An easy to use data profiling tool for analyzing format, types, completeness and value counts. Understand data quality issues clearly and quickly.

Transform Visually

Transform the data in a graphical ETL environment with a library of different data blocks. Export out to files or directly to databases.

Fed up with the high cost of data transformation?

Datamartist is a powerful, visual, affordable data transformation tool that lets you get right to work on your data. By combining both a powerful data profiling capability and a visual ETL (Extract transform and load) tool in one easy to install desktop package, Datamartist provides a whole new option for data management.

Data profiling- without it are you flying blind?

If you are not looking into your data regularly to check data quality, how do you expect to be confident in the numbers your system is providing? Many companies spend millions of dollars on data warehouse and business intelligence projects, without ever taking the time to profile their data using a data profiling tool, even though this simple step can drastically reduce the risk of failure and increase project ROI. Datamartist gives you a powerful data profiler at a fraction of the cost of many enterprise data quality systems.

A powerful tool for Data Migration.

Moving data from one system to another can be a complex task. Datamartist accelerates data migration tasks by combining both the data profiling, and the transformation into a single tool. Datamartist can layout the migration step by step, and monitor data quality throughout, all while pulling data from a wide range of sources including difficult legacy system text files and Excel files.

Easy to install, easy to use.

Installing in minutes on your desktop, yet also able to run on the server as a scheduled job, Datamartist provides an alternative to current expensive, complex enterprise tools for a wide range of data tasks.

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