Too much data for Excel?

Datamartist allows huge data sets to be imported into ExcelWhile it is impossible to import more than about a million rows into Excel, the reality of todays business data is that one million rows is often only a start.

On top of this, often the raw data often needs some treatment before summarizing- filter out those product categories you aren’t interested in, fix those duplicate customer records, and add the new market area organization you’ve been wanting to try out…

The old way to do this was to start writing SQL code.

The new way is to draw a picture:

Datamartist is a graphical, easy to use data transformation tool that lets you manage data quickly without programming. It allows business analysts to transform large data sets without having to write complex macros or Visual Basic for Application (VBA) programs in Excel.

Datamartist exports the results directly to Excel for easy reporting and further analysis.

Datamartist lets you cut large data sets down to size

  1. Work in preview mode, building your analysis
  2. Process millions of rows
  3. Export managed, focused result sets into Excel for analysis.

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