Create and edit hierarchies visually with drag and drop.

  • Create hiearchies visually
  • Drag and drop to create alternate drill down paths
  • Freedom to edit labels, add new categories.
  • This does not change the underlying data- it creates new data dynamicly for analysis- you can always compare and use the original drill down path.

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Managing hierarchies and drill down in spreadsheets can be a time consuming, error prone process.

Datamartist gives direct access to hierarchies through a graphical, drag and drop interface.

Users can create new tree structures with various numbers of levels, and can directly edit the location of members within the tree structures, thereby creating alternate drill down paths.

These multiple drill down paths can be included or excluded easily in various datasets, allowing various comparisons, what if scenarios, and reference to baseline organizations.

With Datamartist you can try innovative new ways to look at the data, creating entire new dimensions and tree structures in minutes.