“Datamartist gives us the flexibility and power we need.”

Group Health Physicians is exclusively contracted to Group Health Cooperative (GHC) to provide integrated care for nearly 500,000 people in Washington state and northern Idaho.

With operations of this size, there is inevitably lots of data, in lots of different systems. And the data isn’t always in the format needed.

As Pam Mercer, Manager of Systems and Programs explains;

Often we have to manipulate data to fit into file structures, or to match values in the target source systems. Datamartist allowed us to build a robust automated extraction.

We plan on using this tool to replace several semi-automated extraction processes that currently require multiple steps. I am confident Datamartist will provide us with single step processing, saving time and complication (reducing risk for error).

About Datamartist

Datamartist is a powerful, visual data profiling and transformation tool used by both multi-billion dollar companies and one person enterprises. It has been used to profile and transform data in a wide range of industries all over the world.

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