Create reference tables quickly- deal with duplicates, create new categories.

Design and implement data mart models visually (Pro version)

The professional version of the Datamartist tool is designed to guide and facilitate the creation of data marts.

While the standard version allows joining, data transformation and so can be used to create data marts the professional version has a number of specialized blocks:

  • Reference blocks that define keys and resolve issues with keys
  • Duplicate mapping blocks that allow the mapping away of duplicate rows
  • Tree Hierarchy editing- visual, drag and drop editing of multiple alternate drill down paths
  • Star schema block- easy joining of multiple dimensions to a fact table

Because the tool is designed to make prototypes, its faster than just coding it up in SQL, and the flexible data typing and ability to combine multiple data sources quickly lets you create the prototype with the data in place, rather than having to move everything to a single database with its various constraints and field formats.

Sales Datamart full canvas view

By making the process of data transformation visual, and eliminating the need to learn structured query language (SQL) Datamartist makes self serve data transformation for large data sets a reality.