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A simple ETL tool with data profiling tools built in

Datamartist is a new idea in ETL and data profiling tools. It gives people who are serious about getting at their data a powerful, simple to use, right sized tool.

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • ETL features and data profiling capability

Avoid using the wrong tool for the job

Enterprise ETL tools (Extract Transform and Load) are very powerful but often extremely difficult to use.

  • expensive, particularly if multiple environments are needed
  • require server infrastructure, configuration and setup.
  • require expensive developers who have been trained in the specific programming language of each particular vendors tool.
  • designed for performance and data volume, not ease of use.

Obviously they have their time and place, but when you want fast, visual access to your data, you end up getting slowed down by expensive ETL server overkill.

A better choice- the visual, clean ETL tool

Datamartist is designed to let you extract data from multiple sources, and then mix it, match it, transform it, and understand it.

It uses a visual block and connector model, with the concept of “Data canvases” that let you easily manage and simplify complex data transformations. But unlike many overly complex ETL tools, Datamartist provides visual, configurable blocks, rather than requiring code.

Easy to install

Datamartist installs in minutes, and runs on your desktop, giving you control of your data, and what you need to do. Don’t configure servers, don’t worry about installing the right version of Java, don’t spend hours searching wikis and forums and tweaking config files. Just download it, single step install it, and use it.

It makes it easy for you to take a snapshot of the data you need- locally with cut and paste or drag and drop from files, and locally or remotely with native connections to SQL Server, Oracle, MySql and MS Access, and pretty much anything else via ODBC.

And since the Datamartist data transformation engine can be run from the command line or scripted, it can also be automated to implement ETL tasks running on a windows server.

Speed up data delivery, reduce cost.

Datamartist provides a flexible, simple to use ETL environment that will let you shorten your time to delivery significantly for a wide range of data transformation tasks.

  • Deliver small and medium sized data transformation tasks more quickly
  • Build rapid prototypes and proofs of concepts
  • Automate data profiling and data quality monitoring

Give the Datamartist ETL Tool a try

You can download the Datamartist trial and be up and running in minutes. You don’t even have to register- and you will have full access to a fully functioning version of Datamartist to try out this simple, visual ETL tool on your own data.

We’re also very excited about V1.3.0, currently in private beta. If you’d like to participate in the public beta, drop me a line at “beta at datamartist.com”, and we’ll send you a link when that download is available.

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