The data migration project’s new best friend.

Data migration canvas example in datamartist

  • Are you challenged with data from multiple sources that has to undergo data conversion?
  • Do you need to understand data formats and convert them to the destination systems column format?
  • Do you want to do this quickly and easily without all the overhead of server based tools?

Are the different application data formats and types driving you crazy? Discover a data tool that lets you mix, match and mend..


The key to data migration and data conversion projects is automation, and the elimination of manual steps.

One of the keys to a successful data migration project is ensuring that all your migration steps are automated, and therefore repeatable. When you are doing data conversion, you need to be certain that the steps taken are consistent. Even if in theory manual operations will only be performed once, in reality the best approach is to be able to do multiple runs of the extract from the source legacy systems- because this tests the process, and also avoids having to “do everything over the weekend.”


Take advantage of the datamartist data scratchpad to build automated transforms and data conversion tasks.

Datamartist is ideal for planning and prototyping data migration

  • Convert and Clean data quickly
  • Parse text fields using familiar spreadsheet functions
  • Calculate new columns easily- see the results on millions of rows instantly
  • Combine data of different types from multiple sources and apply the calculation needed.
  • Data profiling lets you see the data at a glance

For small data migration projects, Datamartist might be all you need. But regardless of how large and complex your migration task is, Datamartist gives you a handy data scratchpad to test ideas and create prototypes that avoid expensive, time consuming false starts.

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