Datamartist gives you data profiling and data transformation in one easy to use visual tool.

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V1.3.0 Public beta released

Come and get it while its still warm! The next release of Datamartist, a data profiling and data transformation tool (think ETL and data profiler rolled into one) is now available in BETA as a public trial download. UPDATE: V1.3 has been released- thanks to all our Beta testers!

The currently released version 1.2.6 is of course also still available, but for those who don’t mind risking a bug or two (we need your help in killing the last few) the Beta gives you a sneak peak at the new version and a bunch of new features that have been introduced to the Professional edition.

Whats in it? Lots of data profiling goodies;

Value distribution profiling

One of the important additions to the data profiling capabilities in Datamartist Pro is the value distribution explorer. This powerful functionality analyzes numeric fields and provides a value distribution graph (equal size buckets for row counts based on value) that lets you zoom in and out, and drill down into the rows to understand your data and spot any suspicious values at a glance.

Support for Regular expressions for pattern matching

The new version has added a very powerful function to the function library in the professional edition;

REGEX(text,regex expression)

With this function, it is now possible to use regular expressions (regex expressions) to evaluate if string values conform to desired data formats. Regular expressions are widely used for data quality testing, and there are lots of them available out there.

Custom data format rules

In V1.3.0 professional edition, it is now possible to add a series of custom rules for character mapping, creating much more flexibility in the data profiling tool. For example, its possible to map numbers, letters, punctuation characters, or any combination of them.

Data profiling block

In the professional edition, the category of data quality blocks has been added, and the first block released is the data profiler block.

This lets data profiling results themselves be used within your data canvas, as well as written out to files or database tables, with time stamps- enabling data profiling automation and tracking. It is now possible to define, calculate and track data profiling metrics automatically, sampling data at a sample frequency that lets you understand how your data quality is evolving.

We’re excited about what can be done with this first data quality block- and we are sure our professional edition users will be tracking their data quality like never before.

I’ll be blogging about all the new features in the coming days and weeks- I’m certain you’ll find lots of things to like in the new version- give it a go.

As always with our betas, we love feedback, and we’ll be giving some free PRO licenses away to our most active Beta testers.

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