Datamartist gives you data profiling and data transformation in one easy to use visual tool.

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  1. James – I’ve really enjoyed reading this series, some excellent practical tips included here, great content.

    I actually wrote about something similar here: and I’ve used the same tool (DabbleDB) to create a public Data Dictionary in the past.

    I really get your pragmatic point of view here, yes there are expensive metadata re-engineering solutions but quite often you just need something simple that the entire team can use and get started with, I find that DabbleDB is a really simple option as it allows files to be uploaded, images, links to external docs and of course standard rows and attributes of data, if you have any further suggestions please add to this thread so I can update our readers.

    Would be great to interview you and do a feature for our readers on Data Migration Pro, will be in touch.

  2. Thanks Dylan!

    DabbleDB is a great tool for that sort of dataset I bet (and bonus points for being a Canadian company).

    Definately the ability to share and link documents etc. is useful. It strikes me that for the project stage at least this could all be handled by a Wiki of some sort. So many open source options these days, its really possible to imagine setting up something very powerful very quickly.

    Thanks for the comment!

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