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  • Why you should data profile.

    Imagine that you have bought a new home, and you've decided to do some landscaping. So you pick three landscapers, draw a rough sketch of what you want, and ask them to bid on the job. But you don`t allow them to come see your property, and your sketch doesn't specify anything about the existing […]

  • Reduce Business Intelligence cost through better data migration

    Managing Business Intelligence cost is not an easy task. But poorly or inconsistently structured data can make the task even harder. Unfortunately, a lazy data migration project can generate all sorts of headaches that will cause your Business Intelligence cost to explode. Of course, bad data quality also has many other costs and risks associated […]

  • Data migration Part 5- Breaking down the information silos

    During a data migration project, the information technology department is in a unique position to either help or hinder how well all the different parts of a company work together. The transactional systems that a company uses can be the glue that binds, or can be a key part of the walls that block inter-departmental […]

  • Data migration Part 4- Creating a data dictionary how to tackle master data management

    Migrating data is complicated. It's particularly hard because of course it's not just a physical move. Data definitions are different from the legacy to the new systems. To get this right you need to manage these data definitions. In this post, I'm going to discuss some things to keep in mind during this process. As […]

  • Data migration Part 3- Mapping the legacy systems

    This is part three of an ongoing series that's taking a look at data migration projects. In this part we're going to talk about how important it is to know where you are starting from, before you head off on a new application journey. Understanding and mapping your legacy systems is a key success factor […]

  • Data migration- Part 2 – Determining data quality is the first key step

    Any discussion on data migration needs to include data quality as a core topic. Migrating data from one set of applications to another, particularly when the applications were never designed to interact, and share little or no common structure or definitions is a complex task. This task is made even more complex by the data […]

  • Data migration- Part 1 Introduction to the data migration dilema

    The world is a dynamic place. Businesses change. Companies merge, technologies shift and applications come and go. Our data, however, is often less dynamic. All those sales records in the old sales system don't morph into the format required in the shiny new ERP. The data has to be dragged kicking and screaming into the […]