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  • How much data is enough?

    While I don't feel an urge to argue the "should we use data or use our gut to make decisions" question nearly as much as I used to, I am noticing that there is the "data is good, data is great, more must be better" camp that is starting to occasionally make me think. The […]

  • Data migration Part 4- Creating a data dictionary how to tackle master data management

    Migrating data is complicated. It's particularly hard because of course it's not just a physical move. Data definitions are different from the legacy to the new systems. To get this right you need to manage these data definitions. In this post, I'm going to discuss some things to keep in mind during this process. As […]

  • Data migration Part 3- Mapping the legacy systems

    This is part three of an ongoing series that's taking a look at data migration projects. In this part we're going to talk about how important it is to know where you are starting from, before you head off on a new application journey. Understanding and mapping your legacy systems is a key success factor […]

  • Meta WHAT?

    In the hallowed halls of any serious data analysis shop, you can expect to hear the phrase "meta data" spoken with reverence-¬† But what, to put it bluntly IS meta data? The definition I like the best is the dictionary one,¬†Meta Data is Data about Data. Sure its much more complicated than that- Some of […]