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  • A simple ETL tool with data profiling tools built in

    Datamartist is a new idea in ETL and data profiling tools. It gives people who are serious about getting at their data a powerful, simple to use, right sized tool. Easy to install Easy to use ETL features and data profiling capability Avoid using the wrong tool for the job Enterprise ETL tools (Extract Transform […]

  • Mystery or Junk data warehouse dimensions

    Sometimes, when you are designing a star schema model, you'll find yourself in a dilemma. You've come up with a beautiful design, right out of the pages of a Ralph Kimball book with 5 dimensions, and 5 measures, and you are on your way to star schema heaven when suddenly the users start asking akward […]

  • Data quality at the burger joint

    I have noticed that when I go to a fast food outlet no matter what I get to drink with my meal it is almost always listed as "Cola" on the receipt. But I didn't order Cola. Ever. Usually I get juice, or milk. So every time I order a burger, I'm clearly a source […]

  • Making rapid prototypes for data warehouse ETL jobs

    Data warehouses and even data marts can be expensive, complex projects. They are not projects to start lightly, and they are not projects that you want to launch without doing some solid planning. But there is a way to get a handle on the tricky parts of your data warehouse scope, and to reduce your […]

  • Easy to use ETL

    As We've been creating Datamartist, we've been trying to avoid using acronyms to describe what it is, but when I'm talking to people who have a background in data warehousing, I only have to say "its an easy to use desktop ETL tool", and suddenly they know what I am talking about. An Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) tool is […]