Sometimes you need to get at the raw data. Get the tool that lets you do it.
Rapid prototyping with datamartist

The Datamartist data tool is designed to be a “data sandbox” that lets you pull lots of data into the tool, and then transform it the way you want.

Sales analysis example datamartist blocks

Using Datamartist is simple and visual:

  • Drag blocks onto the canvas from the block library
  • Connect the blocks together
  • Configure the Blocks
  • Export the results for further Analysis

At every step you can see what you are doing to the data, and you can use any intermediate data set for further transformation- take it in a new direction by adding more blocks. Datamartist is a data tool that avoids the row limits in exel (not possible to have more than 1 million rows) as well as the tedious cut and paste, search and replace needed to constantly re-treat data each time a new data file is available. Datamartist lets you define in the tool rules for segments, or to create new hierarchies that will then be applied to the input data, even after its updated. Search and replace in excel has to be redone every time, and you should’nt have to learn how to program macros or write visual basic for applications (VBA) code just to be able to get at your data.

Why spend time explaining what you want to do to a database developer? Partner with your IT department to take advantage of self serve data transformation. Get a data tool that lets you see the raw data, and has the ability to transform and segment it to let you do the analysis YOU want. Take control of your data.

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Datamartist Screenshot

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