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Twitter and Microsoft Business Intelligence- talk about tweet share

I’m only just starting to use twitter for Datamartist, but discovered twitter search, and did a search for Business Intelligence. Well, people are twittering a lot about Microsoft Business Intelligence if twitter sheep, a really cool cloud visualization for twitter is to be believed.

This is what I got when I searched for “business intelligence”.


Apparently a lot of tweets containing “business intelligence” are microsoft focused. Can you even see the tiny “cognos”, the “sap” in there? Oracle is readable- but wow. Microsoft. Sharepoint. Somebody in the Microsoft marketing camp needs to save this picture for when its time to talk about performance bonuses.

I’ve written here before about the Microsoft marketing machine, and when I did, I noticed a flurry of traffic to the Datamartist site from Redmond, and then noticed that I got some hits from twitter itself- Microsoft BI folks exchanging the link to the blog post. So the people selling and promoting Microsoft Business intelligence are definitely on twitter.

Whats also interesting, is to see the current marketing storms- guess what comes up when you search for “Microsoft”, and guess what for “Google”? Yes, if you guessed “BING” for Microsoft and “Wave” for google you’re right- but notice how “BING” made a double appearance- People talking about google are talking about bing, but people talking about wave aren’t talking about Microsoft. I will leave it to the marketing experts to put forward their theories on all this.

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  1. Was at a meeting last night talking about social media & how it gets used.

    Interesting point was that many companies now have PR staff or consultants who have a full-time job on twitter. One guy talked about a local telco, who had a couple of staff looking for tweets about the opposition (telco) service. If they saw a possible ‘switch’ opportunity then they would jump in and say something like “yeah, I had that problem & switched to service Y which is far better. You should do that”

    I have issues with this; Twitter is great when I see a developer talking about what works for them but if the tweet is a paid for advert then how can I know it is real? This is more like email spam, instead of companies listening to customers talking via twitter and learning from it.

    I can only imagine how much time/money MS is putting into Twitter to get the cloud you see. Perhaps they should just buy the company?

  2. Perhaps MS will.

    I was thinking about this, and its only a matter of time- or maybe its already happened- to have companies using natural language parsing bots that locate relevant tweets, make analysis and either reply automatically, or generate proposed tweet spam that is quickly reviewed by “paid tweeters”.

    Spam is everywhere, that’s for certain. Twitter does not even have a simple captcha system for signups, so there is a lot of gaming going on as far as I can see.

    But as you point out, there are lots of positive uses too- like everything on the net, I think in the long run quality will win out.

    Thanks for the comment!