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  1. We see a concept called “Divisional BI” emerging. Not centralized, but not all the way decentralized to the leaves of the organization either. Part of the problem is this “single model” notion as you identified – a whole enterprise is too big for that. There’s not enough shared interest. Think General Electric, which at one point owned a TV broadcaster, and a Jet Aircraft Engines division and a finance division – what could they possibly have in common that would warrant a single model. I think this is true even at much smaller organizations also down to maybe 500M$ revenue companies, most of which were still build by acquisitions.

    Divisional BI is the recognition that there’s a tier in the org structure where all the subdivisions have enough common ground that a shared DW/BI infrastructure starts to make sense.

    The argument is a bit long, so ….one good blog post deserves another: http://blog.oco-inc.com/business-intelligence/analytics-for-the-business/bid/31217/Divisional-BI-Not-Enterprise-BI