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Data profiling and transformation    
Import data from Excel, Text files and databases
Transform data using a visual data canvas with blocks
Profile data visually with drill down
Output data to Excel, Text files and databases
Advanced data profiling functionality    
Automated Data Profiling and tracking with the data profiler block enables data quality metric tracking  
Regular expressions for powerful string parsing available in all expressions, filters and segmentation rule sets  
Data format profiling rule editing expands the ability to analyze string columns easily  
Value distribution analysis with graphical zoom, and drill down to explore numerical values  
Data mart blocks for star schema creation    
Reference block to create unique keys and meta data  
De-duplication block to map duplicates to master records  
Visual hierarchy editor with drag and drop to build alternate drill down paths  

Maintenance and upgrades: 1 year of support and upgrades are included in the original purchase price. After one year, the annual subscription fee is 20% of the list price at the time of subscription.