Reduce costs, speed up your delivery and get close to your data.

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Datamartist is a new tool that provides powerful data transformation capability to everyone, right on their desktop.

Reduce costs by avoiding IT projects and hardware purchases. Increasing what analysts can do on their desktop will decrease the rate of growth of your data centers, and the cost of managing and implementing that growth.

Do more analysis. Don’t pick which analysis to do based on constraints on your budget or your IT department workload. Let your analysts expore the data.

Deliver analysis sooner by streamlining your analysis process. For analysis that can be done in Datamartist, you eliminate much of the added overhead of a full fledged IT project. Data transformation can be created in hours or days rather than weeks or months.

Be confident in your data. When you do the data transformation yourself, you’ve seen the data and you know where the numbers came from. When there are data quality issues, and decisions have to be made to resolve segmentation or categorisation issues, you can find exactly what was done where- visually, rather than having to dig through pages of structured query language programming.

The self serve difference

When every data analysis that needs to be done has to go through a lengthly IT process and needs database experts to transform the data, only some of the analysis you need gets done, and it takes weeks or months to get results. The other analysis either gets put to the side, or valuable time is wasted trying to make do in spreadsheets and custom built solutions.

Using a self serve desktop tool like Datamartist puts the power to work with the data in the hands of the people who know best what they want. Datamartist streamlines the data transformation process and results in lower cost and more analysis.

Does self serve eliminate traditional “Big Business Intelligence”? Certainly not. But blending self serve capabilities with a well structured business intelligence architecture can reduce cost, provide answers faster, and optimize your BI supply chain.