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  • Automating data update for Tableau Server using Tabcmd and Datamartist

    Tableau is a wonderful, powerful visualization tool. If you have the data, it will generate insightful, powerful dashboards and reports. But actually getting the data is often the tricky bit. And having it appear in your dashboards and reports without having to press lots of buttons is the goal. (No one likes to have to […]

  • Preparing Data for Tableau (part 1)

    This is a two part blog post about sharing data information using Tableau Public 5.2 visualization software which is a fantastic way to share data visualizations over the web. It's easy to use, free, and allows users to share information by creating great interactive visualizations. The first challenge of creating great visualizations is getting the […]

  • Tableau Public- great visualization now where do we get the data?

    Good news on the visualization front this week when Tableau announced that it was making its well received visualization software available in a free public version, as well as providing a structure to allow users to integrate Tableau visualizations into their websites. Tableau has received a fair amount of positive response from the visualization world. […]