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  • Avoid the Spaghetti

    Has this ever happened to you? You have built some fantastic analytics- you are the Business Intelligence hero, the fixer of data, the creator of reports. They ask you for something, you fix it. Data quality issue? No problem, you add filters, views, and report edits that hide the dirt. Its fast, its easy. You […]

  • Exact isn’t everything- Surf your data!

    Sometimes an analyst needs to take off the accountants hat, forget the urge to chase down every last penny, and instead put on their surfing gear, grab the data surf board (i.e. their set of prefered data tools), and just surf some data. There are some cases were "Exact" is the only acceptable level of […]

  • How the general ledger can become a data warehouse

    Many companies today rely on the general ledger as key part of their management reporting, well beyond the obvious financial information. This has often been shaped by how companies first adopted information technology. In some firms, their management reporting systems reflect the fact that as information technology began to be used extensively by business, often […]