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  • Putting data analysis into the hands of the business user

    Having too many people involved can slow down the entire analytics process- by using tools that are designed to be accessible by business users, huge gains can be made. However a challenge faced by all companies is connecting the business knowledge and data manipulation knowledge in a way that the data can be used. As […]

  • MS Access vs Excel vs Datamartist

    When data analysis requirements really get tough, the tough get going- and start to seriously use databases. Let's face it, if you're considering Microsoft Access chances are what you need to get done is beyond what Excel does well, so you're looking for options. Its also likely that your IT department is unable or un-willing […]

  • Connecting the dimension table to the fact table- Vendor Example (Part 3)

    In parts one and two of this series we introduced our challenge (to make a data mart to analyze the Acme Company's spending) and showed how the Datamartist tool could import millions of rows of data and then turn it into a fact table we can use in Excel. Now we need to create a […]

  • Dimensional Tables and Fact Tables

    One of the secrets to putting together a good set of data marts is the concept of dimensions.  There are two key steps being able to analyse your data, and to build a working data mart model.   Build a set of clean, consistent dimension tables that store reference information about your key dimensions like Product, […]