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Preview vs Full data

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Switching from Preview to Full Data for all Blocks

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Sampled data on the canvas

When data is not complete (when in preview sample mode), the blocks and connectors that contain only a sample are show with dashed lines. In this example, the canvas is in preview sample mode and the number of rows has been set at 5000. As a result, the customer data, which has only 1997 rows, is not a sample- where as the larger sales data data sets are sampled, and this is shown by the dashed lines.

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In preview sample mode, datamartist will stop loading rows from inputs after a predefined number of rows. It does not simply take the first rows, but a sample throughout the first part of the data set, skiping a certain number of rows. For very large data sets, it will not sample the entire data set, but some portion of the first rows. Datamartist does this to make it possible to build a data transformation quickly using a small subset. Then to validate the run, the user can do a "Full data run" which will force all blocks to solve with the complete data set. When working with large data sets, the user will likely want to be using preview sample mode to avoid causing delays as blocks are added and modified due to calculation time.