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Datamartist V1.5 Released

We are pleased to announce that Datamartist V1.5 is now available.

This version of Datamartist brings with it some useful new functionality, including new functions that can be used in expressions, new capabilities in terms of exporting to databases, and a new data block.

In this post, we'll look at two new features, the Pivot block, and the enhanced database export capabilities.

Pivot Block

Our beta testers loved this new block. The pivot block lets you do the equivalent of a cross-tab query, rolling up a measure, and distributing the value in a new set of columns, where the column names are provided by the input data set.

Here is a simple example showing how it works:

Say we start with a set of data that has mutiple rows for each date, and different values in the color field, and a quantity measure:

Then we can connect one of the new pivot blocks to this data set like so:

The pivot block lets us select which columns to include (this defines the level of detail to roll up to), which string column to use to generate the new column names, and which measure to use as well as the rollup method (sum, average, min, max)

The result? The output of the pivot block looks like this: now we have a summary by color for each date, with a column for each color value.

Database export enhancements

Now, when exporting to a database, there are a number of new options.

One of the most interesting is the capability to execute SQL commands in the database either before and/or after the data is exported into the table.

This provides the capability of running stored procedures, or launching follow on database side processing after Datamartist writes the data into the DB.

This is a powerful new capability, and makes it even easier to integrate datamartist into various systems, and get your data quality and profiling data where you need it.

If you haven't checked out datamartist yet, we're not sure what you are waiting for- download the free trial, and give it a go.

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