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  • Putting data analysis into the hands of the business user

    Having too many people involved can slow down the entire analytics process- by using tools that are designed to be accessible by business users, huge gains can be made. However a challenge faced by all companies is connecting the business knowledge and data manipulation knowledge in a way that the data can be used. As […]

  • Small data in the age of Big Data

    Just a quick thought on the subject of small data. Don't hear much about that in the press these days- everything is BIG BIG BIG. But small- (and remember, small is still hundreds of thousands or millions of rows) is still critically important. I hope I'm stating the obvious here- but with some of the […]

  • Data granularity- avoid going against the grain

    In the world of data warehousing, the grain of a fact table defines the level of detail that is stored, and which dimensions are included make up this grain. Obviously, the higher the grain the better- although source systems and data volume/performance may intervene. Using the example in the Wikipedia article on fact tables, a […]

  • Data integration is like a pizza

    I enjoy a slice of pizza as much as the next person (perhaps a bit more). The key to a good pizza is the raw materials- use the right stuff, and you'll be happy every time. What's great about pizza is that it has all sorts of great stuff on it, and presents them all […]